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Founder & CEO, Mary Bumatai, entered the Cannabis Industry in 2015 employed as a Business & Sales Manager for a CA based vape hardware company. Almost immediately, clients were asking for help finding an effective filling solution, as well as better quality hardware. At that time, nearly all carts were poorly sourced and were filled by hand, sanitation and scalable operations were nonexistent. Since then, only marginal strides have been taken to address these issues. Currently available are partially automated systems that are limited in their output, offer incomplete processing and all done in an open environment, requiring constant human contact. As we know each state and country has their own regulations, making it difficult to penetrate certain markets with vape products.

Revessel Inc was established in 2016 to provide products and solutions for today's vape industry challenges. In 2019 Revessel secured a manufacturer to begin development of the RAFT system and by end of the year had submitted the design for the provisional patent. The goal was to create a complete sanitizing, filling, and capping system for vape cartridges, disposables, pods and concentrate jars in the CBD and cannabis industry. Additionally, as new products are introduced, we can easily pivot and expand the filling capabilities of the RAFT to adapt.

The future is now, and our patent pending, Robotic Automated RAFT system and Proprietary Custom Products are here to help organizations facilitate positive change, achieve their vision, and optimize productivity, performance, and profits. Today Revessel Inc is positioned to enter and dominate the vape oil operations market on a global scale.


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