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The RAFT System

The tumultuous climate of today's vape marketplace tells us that we must be diligent in producing and providing the absolute best products and operational systems for the industry. Revessel Inc, offers exceptional products and has deep industry knowledge necessary to help you navigate some of the most complex issues of your organization. Since 2016, we have been successfully selecting, sourcing, and designing products for the CBD and cannabis vape industry. We are proud to say that each year we have a greater understanding of vape products' performance in the marketplace and can advise our clients in a direction to achieve their short and long-term goals. Any organization can move ahead with small incremental changes but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving and uncertain environment, requires making insightful decisions and taking bold action to go the distance.

Safety and brand security were paramount in the RAFT design and product selection. Revessel Inc challenges all licensed brands and high-volume producers to ask themselves, "How are we filling hardware and at what safety standard and operational cost?" Are you 100% confident that your hand-filled or partially automated system and hardware meet the highest quality for today's sensitive market? Will you be ready for federal or new state marijuana legalization with new regulations and GMP certifications? If not, then call or email to request more information and find out how we can elevate your organization's confidence and success with our revolutionary Ecosystem.


Robotic Automated Filling Technology System the RAFT by REVESSEL INC.

  • High volume one operator system that can sanitize, fill and cap 10,000 products per shift.

  • Revolutionary enclosed filling chamber with vital prefill UVC LED sterilization.

  • 3 x 1000ml custom stainless-steel vessels with product preheat and pumping stations.

  • Digitally controlled temperature system.

  • Automated Vision System.

  • Internal automated digital scale for product calibration.

  • HMI Touchscreen system control.

  • Exit batch printing for internal & external tracking requirements.

  • Compact in size.  8L, 4W, 7H 

  • Proprietary products come in custom packaging designed for the RAFT.

  • Installation, Training, 1 year Warranty w/ Parts & Labor.

  • Patent pending RAFT system is designed and manufactured in the USA by Revessel Inc.​

Includes the RAFT Ecosystem Certified Seal digital file that can be utilized for marketing, websites and direct package and sticker printing for consumer awareness. Indicates that the product has been sanitized, filled, and capped by the RAFT system with proprietary tamper-proof products.

RAFT Hologram Sticker - Trademark.png

Revessel Inc Vaping Products

Dedicated to offering the very best quality and relevant features for today's evolving vape market.

Revessel's products come with optimization choices to test and select from, further tailoring each producer’s oil specific performance needs. Including many OEM options in different metals, colors, printed logos & engraving.

  • All products feature Next Gen “Micro-Vesicular Healthy Core" Technology. The ceramic core is manufactured in-house with full heating surface area for quick ramp up to deliver pure flavor and no burnt taste. 

  • All products are manufactured with Pyrex glass and upgraded stainless-steel center post to maintain the integrity of the oil and ensure they are safe and free of heavy metals.

  • All products come with tamper-proof mouthpieces for brand security and consumer safety to prevent any unauthorized additions into the cart after filling, mitigating injury and product liability.

  • All products have a company identifier engraved on the bottom for product authentication.

  • All Revessel's products come with several optimization choices to test and select from, further tailoring each producer’s oil specific performance needs.

  • All products come with many OEM options in different metals, colors, printed logos & engraving.

  • Includes guidance and support materials to ensure successful testing and selection results. Facilitating the order for accuracy and offered at factory direct pricing.

  • All products include FDA Certificates & California Phase III Testing.

RA11 clear image dble.jpg
volumes - 0.5ml/1.0ml

Popular and universal style/size 510 thread with high quality ceramic heating core, medical grade glass, stainless-steel post, and tamper-proof mouthpiece for brand and consumer security.

cart model disposable pic2.PNG
volumes - 0.3ml/0.5ml

Easy to use, classic style disposable vape pen with high quality ceramic heating core, medical grade glass and no waste, 280/400mAh batteries ensuring all the oil will be used.

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