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The fastest, cleanest, most secure vape product, sanitizing, filling and capping Ecosystem in the world.

Revessel Inc

RAFT Ecosystem

Our patent pending Robotic Automated Filling Technology system, the RAFT, will help solve the critical issues regarding operational procedures, quality control and productivity in the filling and capping process.

The RAFT system and Revessel’s proprietary hardware, offer a revolutionary start-to-finish solution for the CBD and cannabis industries biggest oil players. The Ecosystem begins with the guided and pretested hardware selection process, then into the only pre-fill UVC LED sterilization, high volume, filling, and capping system in the world. The tamper-proof mouthpiece completes the Ecosystem cycle, offering licensed and tested oil producers the confidence knowing the same clean, high quality tested oil that goes into the hardware is what comes out.

Revessel's disruptive patent pending technology, RAFT system, combined with our exclusive products, will provide a first of its kind Ecosystem for sanitizing, filling, and capping of medical grade glass, ceramic, stainless-steel, and tamper-proof products.

RAFT w-operator.PNG


  • The patent pending RAFT is a high speed, fully enclosed robotic automated system requiring only one operator that will prefill sanitize with UVC LED sterilization, fill and cap 10,000 units per shift.

  • The RAFT will dramatically improve efficiency and eliminate human filling and capping errors that lead to lost oil and hardware costs.

  • Includes three 1000ml, custom stainless-steel canisters to easily switch out products, saving valuable time and eliminate oil loss.

  • In/Out conveyor system for production fluidity.

  • Internal automated digital scale for product calibration.

  • External HMI Touchscreen system control.

Contact us for more info including pricing, ROI calculator, demo video, and hardware testing, selecting, and ordering support.
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